Referee Equipment

Wicked Amour Blue Card


This blue card is bold, oversized, and commands attention for time penalties in indoor soccer. Unique hexagon imprint is easy to grip, reflective in indirect lighting, and sends the message to send a player to the penalty box. Compliments the Wicked...

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RefSpray Disappearing Spray


Enforce ball placement and the proper distance with RefSpray! Each can is good for 36 yards of spray: approximately 10 formal free kick plays. This 6.9oz large bottle is the largest on the market and contains no toxins or carcinogens. Don’t...

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RefSpray Holster


Slip the spandex holster around your RefSpray can (not included). Add an additional marker or pen (Sharpie permanent marker included) to mark the uses on your RefSpray. Holster your RefSpray onto your belt clip. When you're ready to use your spray, press...

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