Touchline Powerflags "Continental" Kit

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Touchline Powerflags "Continental" Kit


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Touchline Power Flags are a big investment in your refereeing career. Your flags have been designed to give you reliability, strength and ease of use.

  • Reliability: Your flags come with a 24-month guarantee against failure. A very small caveat: you have to treat them like you treat the rest of your refereeing kit.
  • Strength: The flag sticks have designed into them strengthening to protect the current points of failure in other flag sets.
  • Ease of use: The 9V batteries are changed without the need for screwdrivers or any specialist tools.

The battery indicator will warn you if you’ve only got this game left in the battery and it will not let you head out onto the field if you don’t heed the warning. The flags can be removed for washing within seconds. You can program extra sticks within seconds just in case you have a fourth official. The system transmits with 100mW (output power) at a frequency of 433 MHz. Included in each kit:

  • Touchline Powerflags:
    • 2-flag kit: 2 electronic with AR flags
    • 3-flag kit: 2 electronic with AR flags, 1 electronic bare stick for 4th official
    • 5-flag kit: 2 electronic with AR flags, 3 electronic bare sticks for 4th official and additional ARs
  • 1 Referee Receiver
  • 9V batteries included for each Powerflag and Receiver
  • 1 large Touchline Continental travel case with pre-cut compartments to protect your kit
  • Instruction card (view more videos on the Touchline TV website)
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